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For the vast majority of people their house is their most valuable asset. When purchasing or renting a property, homeowners should have peace of mind their home is free from meth contamination.

Methamphetamine is a dangerous and highly addictive drug that unfortunately is prevalent in today’s society. Occupying a meth contaminated property can have serious health effects. Long-term exposures to volatile organic compounds (VOCs) may result in liver and kidney damage, neurological problems, respiratory problems and increased risk of cancer. Even very short term exposures can result in symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue.

Laboratory Composite Analysis

A screening option, which allows for an initial lower cost of testing multiple samples as a composite sample, while retaining the ability to test samples individually if needed without any further sampling.

Screening Assessments

3 DAY TURNAROUND! We use Laboratory Composite testing for screening assessments. All samples are processed by an IANZ accredited laboratory and a full report and clearance statement (if applicable) are provided.

  • Individual wipe samples are collected by the sampler, and are extracted separately by the lab. However, instead of testing individually, a sub-sample of the individual extracts are combined into a composite sample for analysis.
  • We can do up to 10 samples per lab composite.
  • Sample extracts are retained for 21 days, and can be tested individually (on request) if a high composite analysis result means this is a preferred course of action.
  • Detection limit is 0.02 ug/sample.
  • The result provided is the average per sample.

Individual Sample Analysis

For results from individual sampling locations that are compliant with NIOSH 9111 and able to be used for decision making about remediation and decontamination.

Detailed Assessments

3 DAY TURNAROUND! Detailed assessments use individual samples from each room in the property. If a room is over 10m2 then multiple samples in that room need to be taken. All samples are processed by an IANZ accredited laboratory and a full report with decontamination recommendations (if applicable) are provided.

  • Analysis of individual wipes.
  • Detection limit is 0.02 ug/sample.
  • The results provided are individual results per sample.

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