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If your property has tested positive for meth contamination you’ll want to engage your insurance company, but before you do it’s important that you have all the documentation and reports you’ll need to ensure a smooth and quick decontamination process.

We’ve put together a short list of documentation and reports you should have ready at the time of contacting your insurance company.

Note: This list is to be used as a guide only and not a full and complete list for your individual situation

Written Report
Following an initial meth test, called a Screening Assessment, you will know if meth is present or not at your property. Drug Smart provides a full written report explaining where we have tested and providing you with as much information as possible so you know what do to next.

The Laboratory Composite Screening Assessment will give you an average result over the whole property, but your insurance company and a decontamination contractor will require the individual contamination level of each room. Drug Smart will explain the most cost-effective options for obtaining those individual room results.

Certificate of Analysis
To accompany the Drug Smart Written Report you should have the Certificate of Analysis showing the contamination levels within the property. Every report Drug Smart writes is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis from the testing laboratory confirming the contamination levels found at the property.

Tenancy Agreement
If your property is a rental property, you should provide the signed and dated tenancy agreement which will show the start date and any conditions of the tenancy.

Recent Inspection Reports
If your property is a rental property, it is a good idea to include recent inspection reports (at intervals pursuant to your policy conditions) showing that you have been fulfilling your obligations as a landlord. If your rental property is managed by a property manager they will be able to provide these to you.

What is the meth testing process?

Facing a meth test and the potential of a contaminated property can be daunting.

We’ve put together a simple diagram to show that with the right process it can be a lot less stressful. You can count on us to be with you the whole way, whenever you need.

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Decontaminating your property from meth contamination can be a stressful time, but with the right information and experts on board it can happen in a timely and cost effective manner, getting you back into your property or your property rented out again as soon as possible.

A clear decontamination plan should be created by the decontamination contractor before any works start. Our written reports have been used by all decontamination contractors and we often work with these contractors as they are completing their work.

We’ve put together a list of decontamination contractors that operate in the Hawke’s Bay / East Coast region who we are happy to recommend.

Home Straight
Phone: 021 841 907

Fresh Living
Phone: 027 448 5430